Dental Implants

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Dental Implants
About Dental Implants

Replacing missing teeth is vital to the health and appearance of your smile. At Morris Dental Associates in Abilene, Texas, family and cosmetic dentist Amy Morris, DDS, and her highly trained team provide crowns, bridges, and dentures anchored by dental implants. Schedule an evaluation by phone or request one online today to learn more about your options.

Dental Implants Q&A

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are metal posts inserted into the jawbone. While the Morris Dental Associates team doesn’t place dental implants (they refer out for this procedure), they offer restorations that attach to the implants to transform an imperfect smile into something beautiful.

A specialist surgically inserts the implants into your jawbone during dental implant placement. The bone heals around the implants over time, ensuring they remain sturdy, strong, and long-lasting.

Dental implants provide an array of cosmetic and restorative benefits, including a gorgeous smile, elimination of any tooth gaps, less shifting of adjacent teeth, clearer speech, and easier chewing. 

What are dental implant-supported crowns and bridges?

Implant-supported crowns and bridges are artificial teeth that securely attach to dental implants. They’re designed to replace missing, knocked out, or extracted natural teeth. Crowns are single teeth (often made of porcelain), while bridges contain multiple artificial teeth attached together. Implant-supported dentures typically contain complete sets of upper or lower (or both) arches.

Are dental implants right for me?

Dr. Morris examines your gums and teeth to establish if you’re a candidate for dental implants. She also reviews your oral health history, cosmetic goals, dental X-rays, and treatment preferences. 

She applies dental restorations that create a flawless smile if you already have dental implants. She recommends an exceptional dental implant specialist in the area if you need new dental implants. 

How are dental implant-supported crowns and bridges placed?

Dr. Morris digitally scans your mouth or takes impressions of your teeth, allowing a dental lab to create custom-fitted restorations. When your crown or bridge is ready, she attaches the new artificial teeth to your implants to perfect your smile. She ensures the restorations fit securely, feel comfortable, and look natural. 

How can I take care of dental implant-supported crowns and bridges?

If you take good care of implant-supported restorations they may last up to 30 years, depending on the type of restoration you receive. It’s vital to brush your teeth after meals, floss every day, and not chew on hard objects. Attend six-month dental cleanings and exams at Morris Dental Associates and call the office at the first sign of unusual symptoms.

Schedule an evaluation at Morris Dental Associates by phone or request one online today to learn more about dental implants.