Laser Dentistry

Here at Morris Dental we use one of the most innovative dental technologies available today! We are pleased to introduce Laser Dentistry in Abilene, Texas. There are several types of dental lasers, and Dr. Morris is proud to utilize them with our patients. Dental Lasers can treat cavities, bone, and gum disease by pinpointing and treating only the damaged areas. By treating only the affected areas, Dr. Morris is able to leave the healthy teeth, bone, and tissue untouched. There are not a lot of treatments available that is as exact, pain-free, and fast as those that are performed with dental lasers. We welcome you to learn more about laser dentistry in Abilene, Texas, by scheduling your visit with our technologically advanced dentist.

What is laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry uses a small instrument which produces a narrow, yet powerful, beam of laser light energy. Dental lasers can be used to treat a variety of issues, but the most common procedures are removing cavities, treating periodontal (gum) disease, reducing canker sores, removing excess tissue, performing biopsies, and improving the teeth whitening process.

Here at Morris Dental, we use two main types of dental lasers:

Soft tissue laser: these lasers are extremely helpful treating periodontal disease by killing harmful bacteria while leaving healthy tissue untouched and promoting the regrowth of healthy tissue. These lasers can also be used to remove excess oral tissue and treat ulcers located within the mouth. Soft laser help destroy bacteria within gum pockets which help protect against the threat of infection. Because we use soft tissue laser, we can produce comfortable results which means most patients won’t require stitches.

Hard tissue laser:  these lasers are used on hard surface areas within your mouth and are used to replace the traditional dental drill. For people who have a hard time hearing the sound of a drill, laser dentistry might be for you. These lasers are used to treat cavities, prep and shape teeth prior to a bonding treatment, and remove damaged parts of the bone. Hard tissue lasers are a less painful option, can decrease the need for anesthetics, and can take less time to perform most dental procedures.

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What are the benefits to laser dentistry in Abilene, Texas?

Laser dentistry:

  • Is a pain-free treatment that can eliminate the need for anesthesia or shots
  • Can reduce or eliminate the need to use other drills
  • Is a more precise treatment
  • Can help preserve as much healthy tooth and tissue structure
  • Has a faster healing time and can help rejuvenate healthy tissue
  • Can help reduce the risk of developing an infection after treatment
  • Causes minimal bleeding and swelling during treatments
  • Allows you to spend less time at appointments

Is Laser Dentistry safe to use?

In many cases, laser dentistry is more efficient, accurate, and precise than most traditional methods of caring for oral health conditions. Due to the precise nature of lasers in dentistry, Dr. Morris can take a more conservative approach when removing diseased and decayed tissue. Before you being any dental laser treatment, Dr. Morris will go through your treatment plan and will walk you through the process prior to your procedure. And, you will also be provided with protective eyewear during your treatment.

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